A Mathematician’s Proposal

January 11, 2009

A Carnegie Perspectives repost Michael C. Burke (College of San Mateo; Visiting Scholar, Carnegie Foundation) In Mathematics and Democracy, Lynn Arthur Steen describes quantitative literacy as “a habit of mind, an approach to problems that employs and enhances both statistics and mathematics.” What characterizes this habit of mind, this way of thinking? Why is it […]

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Students Presentations as a Source of Evidence

October 14, 2008

Pat Wagener (Los Medanos): “Can Problem Solving Become a Habit of Mind” Pat Wagener says: Throughout the semester, my students were expected to present their solution of an application problem to the class. They were directed to make their knowledge visible so anyone who viewed their solution would clearly understand their thinking. One principle benefit […]

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Making Sense of Evidence

August 20, 2008

Once you have gathered evidence and data, it is sometimes a challenge to make sense of what you are seeing. Often, student learning evidence can add to complexity or confusion by giving you too much data; or it can be difficult to interpret in part because the reasons for student confusion might be opaque or […]

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