SPECC Project (Strengthening Pre-Collegiate Education in Community Colleges): Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

SPECC Publications:

Windows on Learning: Resources for Basic Skills Education

Multimedia snapshots about faculty inquiry and student learning created by community college faculty from SPECC campuses



Resources from LaGuardia Community College on Learning, Faculty Inquiry, and Basic Skills

Design for Learning Sampler: Faculty projects and reflections on innovative designs to enhance student learning, many in basic skills.

Project Quantum Leap: Projects focused on innovation in basic skills mathematics

Professional Development Page, Developmental Education (Los Medanos College): Resources on Basic Skills, Faculty Inquiry, and Teaching Communities

Basic Skills Initiative: Resources on Effective Practices

CALPASS: California Partnership for Achieving Student Success

League for Innovation in the Community College: Resources for innovation in Community Colleges nationwide.

October 15, 2008