Two Versions of a Self-Assessment Survey (writing)

January 11, 2009

from The Power of the Pursuit, Suzanne Crawford, Lydia Alvarez, and Lynn Serwin (Cerritos College)


Two Versions of a Student Self-Assessment Survey, Suzanne Crawford

Surveys mapping student progress in using more effective and detailed language in writing:

2006 survey:

Hello English 20 Students!

As you all know, we have been working this semester to, among other things, improve your word choice when it comes to using more concrete and specific language (the “green” words). Please give me some of your thoughts about your progress with this skill by answering the following questions. Thank you very much.

S. Crawford

1. Do you feel that, as a result of our various efforts, you are more likely to use such better words?

For example, do you see the value in writing like the first of these (A) and not the second (B)?

A. The boy sat down on a chair.

B. Tall, slim Joe plopped himself down on the old wooden rocking chair.

Do you think the various handouts we used were helpful?

Do you think using the markers helped you understand this concept better?

2007 survey:

ENGLISH 52: Self-assessment of your writing progress

Describe what progress you have made this semester in your ability to craft effective essays. Please use specific evidence from your papers to describe your writing improvement. Consider comparing the skill levels of your earlier papers with those of your later papers. In particular, please note any improvement in language use. Do you now, for example, use more vivid or concrete words? Be sure to support your points with direct references from your papers. For example, if you claim that you now use more specific words, give before and after examples.

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